Lost Island

Lot of Action follow-up

It's been several weeks...

The most important thing that happened in the session was obviously the fact that Von Gremp survived yet another encounter unscathed and managed to save the party with his “death from above” style tree attack. This of course allowed CVG to hit 4th level, or at least get close of enough to 4th that this post became necessary to cross the threshold. Clearly I am a man of my word, though the godking Combo Von Gremp might not be…

Unfortunately for him the Odinist was too dumb to climb a tree and got his brains, such as they were, eaten by a horde of zombies.

Also dumb Workman, your chronicle is off in that we didn’t abandon the idea of building a ship completely, we just realized it was going to take a lot more time and manpower than was convenient. Also, our engineer was killed in one attack.


nexusphere dnmorris

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