Lost Island

Session #4 adventure log

1st half participants:

Combo Von Gremp

2nd half participants:

Balboa the Ghost
Combo Von Gremp

First half:

Party walks to the Cave of the Hound. Explores, finds a passable ravine, turns back, finds some dead ends with 3 captives. Combo takes the ringx8, Zudravno carries the captives back to camp, Aldonwani observes.

Party moves back out for adventure while captives recover at base camp. Jungle between Worath’s Grotto and Cavern of Usoparb explored until a nest of ostridge-sized angry birds is uncovered. Battle sequence:
1. Aldon & Zudra retreat while Combo tries and fails to hide.
2. All birds engage combo, he fights back, Zudra also joins the melee, while Aldon peppers them with fake fireball.
3. Birds go one on one with Combo and Zudrav, while two birds gang up on the retreating fireballer. Fake Faeries x2 are dropped to distract them.
4. Combo and Zudrav make weak attempts to hold there own. Aldon tries to escape while faeries distract but one is eaten so he conjures “audible glamour” in the shape of roaring and charging horned ape beast. The bird is affected and runs away.
5. Combo and Zudrav still engaged in combat: by now there have been a series of fumbles and crits, Zudravno getting the worst of it (his elbow was bit in half and left dangling). Zudravno swithes it up and offhands a warhammer to continue the battle. Aldon runs back to help. One bird still distracted by a faery, one bird on COmbo and Zudravno.
6. Aldon acrobatically tumble back into camp to punch the bird on Combo nearly knocking it out; Combo missing; Zudravno finishes off his bird.
7. Distracted bird finally eats the faery and turns and charges Aldon. Aldonwani fires more fireballs while it closes distance.
8. Yadda Yadda Yadda, battle wraps up, party retreats to base camp.

2nd half of session:

After being fully healed and recovered from his wrist wound, Balboa literally leads the party back to the deserted Outpost of Moth to find it not deserted at all.
At entrance is a poisonous frog (leashed to a pole) that leaps out at us, it got dead real quick.
Shack#1: Yeti threatens to cook the party even though he had some arms cooking already. Dies to Balboa’s first two swings as he charges.
Shack#2: blood, scratches on wall, tons of copper and silver in the ceiling. we left it.
Shack#3: Yeti playing with an iron puzzle tries to fuck with group, Balboa cuts him down.
As we linger, Zarzopa makes an appearance along with us unlimited fog and darkness tricks and company of poisonous frogs. We reteated out of the outpost and threats were exchanged.
After the failure, we explored the Cav of Usoparb and found three elves that wanted to join our base camp. They said the cave had shrooms, lavamen, and rats so we left it alone and returned to the beach.


Silly Horseman….Dave done told you he doesn’t have time to access this page.

Session #4 adventure log
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