Lost Island

Lot of Action

(gives McDermot a sneer)

First order of business was to utililize two weeks for training under Madak the resident fighter trainer. Balboa to 4th, Zudravno to 2nd. Zudravno learned a useful leadership skill.

Next thing we did was march down the beach and fight a 24 brain eating zombie hoard. Balboa and Garor surged ahead to meet the foes head on, while Zudravno and Combo (and his two hireling torch bearers) stayed 10 ft behind to utilize reach and dagger range. The Meat-grinders (as Balboa and Garor are often called) cut down two in the first round.

As it turned out, the zombies split up (8 on Balboa), (8 on Zudravno), (6 on Garor), (0 on Combo), and (0 on the two hirelings). Bad strategy? Bad luck? The Meat-grinders avoid grapples and cut down a few. Meanwhile Zudravno is grappled by 8 and fails attempts at escape. Combo throws daggers from 10ft away with impunity. Hirelings disappear from existence. Long story short: Zudravno’s brains were eaten, he didn’t turn into one. Combo got grappled but easily escaped up into a nearby tree that magically appeared and continued throwing daggers while the Meat-grinders sliced and diced until there were no more threats. We burn up the bodies since they were twitching still. We carried Zudravno back to camp for a proper funeral. Im sure there was someone on the beach who could say a few words about Odin on his behalf.

Combo decided to use his share of the treasure to pay 10k gem to Dark Scimitar to level up 4 in thief. The rest of the gems and coin were banked with the company stash.

Plans to create a boat to leave the island were considered and then discarded. The plan is to find and secure the ocean born and go from there.

730AM to 1130AM, 4 hours, 1 action (encounter and return to camp).


For the record Combo’s training only cost 9k though he obviously pocketed the 1k.

Lot of Action
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