Lost Island

Lost Island Week 2

Ghost Inter Mono-Log#1

Two days post shipwreck (2d PS):

I found a frail old man and his man servant in the serving line (good thing the master chef survived the madness, cause I sure was hungry). The old bag of bones seemed interested in looking around the island and told me I had the physique of a greek god – whatever that means. I think he’s gay. That scumbag elf returned from his trip north without the two dwarves. He was the one who called for the mutiny and crashed us on this island. I don’t trust him and he’s a dick, but no one else seems to want to adventure out from the wreckage, at least not with me. So the elf and his two human lackeys, the old man and his lurch, and me (the greatest swordsman who has ever lived) take to the jungle. A giant snake leas out from the mountain-side and I chop it down (made for good eating, and the elf used the skin as leather). We found a cave, it had some batties, we left (fuck those spell slinging claw/claw/biters). Might go back there one day, cave system wasn’t small, might be more interesting shit there. Later we came across a flayed lizardman strapped to a tree with barbed wire. I made use of my burial skills. Soon after and just a bit north, a seven foot tall horned ape charged me, I laid it to rest. I skinned it and slaughtered it. During the slaughter and the cookings, large snake passed us by, then some exploding frogs made a mess of camp. We decided it was time to pick up the pieces (and unconscious elf) and go back to base camp on the beach. On the way back, we saw a pack of twenty or so slow shambling humanoids. We dodged and moved on. The beach-society appreciated the meats brought back and I had armorer Fred repair my hide armor with pieces of grape-ape. We all kinda needed a rest so we laid up a few days while a shelter was being constructed. At the end of the week, I was antsy in my pantsy to get back out there.

7d PS:

Turns out there was a camp of “watchers” near the beach – still don’t know who or what was lurking about over there. Not far north into the jungle, we came across a grotto with an iron vein (don’t let me forget to mention this to any potential miners in the beach society’s ranks). The cutest little cat was in there…I wonder where it ran off to….Oh well, that place ended up being a two headed wyvern’s lair. Big money baby! We left like 8k silver and a bunch of armor in there. Carrying all the gold back, we encountered weird snake people. Those motherfuckers cut me down. Luckily as I fell unconscious, I saw 4 ogres magically appeared out of nowhere. Later I heard they were summoned by the old frail man, apparently he is a magic-user? Full of suprises that one, I thought he was just hanging around to praise my sword-fighting skills. Good thing for it though, because now I probably owe some sort of life-debt. My coffers are full (1,051 gp), but my spirit is low. My fucking left wrist is black and blue and hurts like a motherfucker. Luckily I’m a badass motherfucker, in conjunction with having some clerics on call and my natural regeneration (20 con now), I’ll be back in fighting shape in no time at all. My first instinct is to put the highest level cleric on retainer with my gold to actually come out of camp and adventure with us (running back to camp everytime someone gets injured is no way to adventure). I have shiny new iron-banded mail being re-fitted to my studly measurements (5’8" – 180lbs – 19str, almost 17 dex, 20 con), ya I feel stronger now that im more experienced in my craft of slaying. As for my adventuring company, they have potential so will remain completely loyal to the cause until convinced otherwise. I tell you one thing, that elf better stop sticking me with blades and find a better strat during combats. If only he could lay low and strike from the shadows with massive backstabs instead.


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