Lost Island

A peace offering. Rouka. Imposters.


Session kicked off w/ 2 wks of downtime. Balboa nursed himself back to strength (the shadows drained it away) and Zudravno focused on his divine training, though continued acting as head engineer when able. Odelm Cuthberw agreed to train him up for a fraction of the cost (amount still TBD) in exchange for porting an offering of peace, in the form of a box of 400sp) to the Jade Flower tribe. Balboa agreed to assist in exchange for help murdering the innocent ogres and gnomes of Ronale’s Keep and Aldonjuanie came along as interpreter.

The Jade Flower tribe was most welcoming and appreciative of the peace offering. Bread was broken, and the services of a harry beast (the rouka) was obtained. From there, it was off to Ronale’s Keep. Turns out, the ogres and gnomes were not so innocent after all. Invidio was actually an evil beast in disguise and in the employ of the evil snake sorceress. Balboa and Zudravno succumbed to the pain, as did the Rouka eventually, leaving the dexterous illusionist to close the deal. He did just that. Disaster averted, the party accepted the gracious rewards heaped on them by the tower’s actual master, Ronale, who was found bound, gagged, and dehydrated in the tower’s peak.


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