Human Prestidigitator


18 DEX
13 CON
18 INT
10 WIS
14 COM

23 HP

5 AC (4 dex, 1 from acrobatic skill suite talent)

no weapons, no armor


Mother and father were lower upper class land owners capable of sending their children to universities. While away, my mother brought great dishonor on the family when she left my father holding the bag on a large gambling debt. They had to liquidate everything and have been imprisoned for debts owed. These debts now fall on my head since I am the first born and have to be re-paid in 8 months or I will also see jail time.

I have a twin sister (26), a younger brother (23), and three younger sisters (21, deceased would be 18, and 15). I asked for a helping hand for the debt but they assured me that they were unable to do much so I believed them 100%.

After leaving the university early because of my own gambling addiction, I overheard mention of a city of gold by an elf and of course I believed him 100% and followed him onto that ship.
He tells me the city of gold lies on the island we crashed on. I cant wait to see it.

The only thing I own is this spell book, clothes on my back, and this giant egg that I found on the island.


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