Lost Island

Second Verse, Same as the First

11/20/2015 @ 7AM

Combo Von Gremp kept killing it this week, racking up his second MVP award in as many sessions (albeit runner-up this time). His bold moves and sterling prowess were on full display as he fearlessly led the party on some light jungle sorties.

First on his list of challenges overcome was the dreaded giant serpent. Astutely spotting the beast from afar (well, more just walking directly into it), Von Gremp displayed his dexterous prowess by slicing and dicing the fierce beast to ribbons and then fashioning some new threads from it’s hide. I’d be remiss to not mention that Balboa also lifted a finger in assistance. Tarnik-Ilyasak chipped in with 1 pt of damage.

Next, the party stumbled upon a grotto that was actually a cave. Dismissing alternative suggestions, the fearless Von Gremp stealthily lead lead the fledgling adventurers deep into the sulfurous natural cavern that was home to hideous bat-beasts. It just took look at this foul beasts to send Balboa running for his life. Always the braver, Combo exercised the better part of valor and reluctantly followed suit. Tarnik was spared their evil visage when they early on, thoughtfully, extinguished his ability to see them.

From there, Combo gathered the party and calmed them all down. “We must push on”, I recall him saying. “The rest are counting on us.” The next area of interest was a grotto; an actual grotto this time. Within was a cat. Oh, and also treasures beyond count. Keeping his keen rogue eyes on alert, Combo would not be taken by surprise when the inhabitant of said cave come back from its hunt. Once again displaying his combat prowess, and with a little help from Balboa, Combo vanquished the foe before much damage could be done to those in his charge. And then the cat wandered off without fanfare.

Oh, as an aside, Balboa killed a weak-ass horned beast.

Somewhere amidst all of the above action were the frog men. In this battle, Combo was able to display his selfless devotion to his compatriots by literally throwing himself on the bio-grenade to save others of the impending explosion of bones and gore. This was only after the cowardly mage ran for his life rather than stand and fight the aggressors. Luckily, with some help from Balboa, Combo Von Gremp smote their ruin upon the ground.

Though Combo was barely scratched and eager to move on, he saw that weariness was building in his tag-alongs. He stifled his urge for more glory and bravely led his beleaguered companions back to camp for a brief respite (en route, ushering everyone past the watchful eye of the hill people). Marshaling the services of the entire camp, Combo got everyone’s ass in gear. Efforts were doubled on the main shelter and the resident cleric was spurred into action.

His administrative duties behind him, Von Gremp once again offered to show the ropes of exploration and survival to anyone willing to learn. Balboa and Tarnik again seized the opportunity. This time, it was the plumed-helm sigiled snake men who wanted some. Once more, the wizard was face to face with darkness, leaving Combo with only Balboa as support. Suffering a grievous would, Balboa lost consciousness. Von Gremp had things under control, but the pesky Tarnik wanted to help one time so he summoned up some stank ogres who did a little bit.

Foes vanquished, the party triumphantly returned to ‘town’ to rest, refit, and reflect. “Next time”, Von Gremp told himself. “Next time…they’ll be ready.”


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