Lost Island

New week, new survivors

11/28 @ 7:45 AM

The Great Beast Balboa was on the mend this week, allowing some other fresh faces the opportunity to investigate some nearby wilderness. This week, we met a Champion of Odin,Zudravno, as well as the brilliant illusionist What’s-His-Name (who is also a psychotic, pyromaniac loud mouthed asshole who lacks fingers and ears and who knows what else).

• First, there was the tower. It was inhabited by the annoyed gnome and his ogre life-mates. They didn’t appreciate the disregard exhibited by Zudravno when he crowbared the door open. Party tried to gain info; were instead scolded and put to work.

• Next, there was flayed living lizard man. Some quick thinking by the pyromaniac dicksucking loud bore with 1 less finger and 1 less ear was enough to scare off the bakers dozen +1 worth of man snakes. Lizard rescued, healed, and returned home. He warned to stay clear of the undead coasts and the nearby tomb.

• So naturally, the next stop was the tomb. However, the PCs decided a rest and refit was needed before proceeding into the cursed depths. Until next week…


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