Lost Island

Lizardman traders. Wisdom of a sage. A training offer.

Session 5 - 12/12/2015 @ 7:30 AM

On the horizon was spotted a gaggle of half-men, half-lizards. A quick search turned up an Aldonwani who just so happens to speak the languages of the cold-bloods. He pow-wowed w/ the Head Lizard and into the camp they filed, goods in tow. A mystery crate was exchanged for some fresh foods and eschewed most of the other goods save one obsidian sword (which was claimed by the mighty Balboa). Finally, Tarnik exchanged some of his hard-earned for a few rumors:

• A sage lives in the nearby tower
• A beast only harmed by magic lairs in the Hound Cave.

With the Lizardmen gone, Tarnik managed to gather his party and venture forth. First order of business: the sage’s tower. We were greeted by the gnomish butler and his ogre servants and asked to wait our lives away in the study before being asked to instead return the following day to obtain an audience. On the way home, a poison spider nearly was the death of Tarnik & Mr. Homn. But they lived, and all was well. To town they returned to lick their wounds.

The following morning, they were off to see the wizard. This ‘sage’ seemed to be but a mechanical puppet, spewing forth words that may well have originated elsewhere. We agreed to bring back that which she sought (the sea-folk?). However, once out of that accursed place the party agreed it better to gather more info before blindly helping this oddity. Back to town they went.

Tarnik took a load off and the rest of the party helped build stuff for the next few days. Balboa took a tongue-lashing from the resident warrior trainer Madak, and after bathing in shame it was agreed that if he murders the sage he’ll get cheap training.

Come Florian Falling, and time to venture out once agian it was. This time, the hardy few were Balboa, Zudravno, and Ned. North they went; North! North! They encountered and parlayed with the ape men, who still followed in the distance long after the meeting. Then a camp was spotted. Who knows what evils lurk in the nearby camp; the apes said stay away, and stay away we did.


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