Lost Island

Castaways. The loss of an elbow. Excommunicated elves.

12/05/2015 @ 7:30 AM

Session Log

• A pyromaniac, loud bore, psycho recruits the assistance of Combo & Zudravno
• After debating a return to the undead grounds of evil, the PCs instead set off for the hound cave
• En route, Combo gets his panties in a wad and forces us right that very second to spend 15 minutes calculating his honor from last session. It was real important and couldn’t wait until later
• Entered Hound Cave. Three beat down castaways are found, looted by Combo, are rescued and then taken back to camp
• After a little more light exploring, Zudravno, sans one elbow from a fight with some angry birds, and Don Juan went to get the rest; enter Tarnik & Balboa
• Approach Zarzulpa’s evil Fortress of Moth; murder the innocent frog captive and watch Balboa make mincemeat of some Yetis, then get clouded out of town by Zarzulpa’s magics. Shout oaths into the darkness at the hated Zulp.
• Run into some elves (who are 40 miles south of home) in a nearby cave. Talked to them…then headed home.


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