Lost Island

Lot of Action follow-up
It's been several weeks...

The most important thing that happened in the session was obviously the fact that Von Gremp survived yet another encounter unscathed and managed to save the party with his “death from above” style tree attack. This of course allowed CVG to hit 4th level, or at least get close of enough to 4th that this post became necessary to cross the threshold. Clearly I am a man of my word, though the godking Combo Von Gremp might not be…

Unfortunately for him the Odinist was too dumb to climb a tree and got his brains, such as they were, eaten by a horde of zombies.

Also dumb Workman, your chronicle is off in that we didn’t abandon the idea of building a ship completely, we just realized it was going to take a lot more time and manpower than was convenient. Also, our engineer was killed in one attack.

Lot of Action
(gives McDermot a sneer)

First order of business was to utililize two weeks for training under Madak the resident fighter trainer. Balboa to 4th, Zudravno to 2nd. Zudravno learned a useful leadership skill.

Next thing we did was march down the beach and fight a 24 brain eating zombie hoard. Balboa and Garor surged ahead to meet the foes head on, while Zudravno and Combo (and his two hireling torch bearers) stayed 10 ft behind to utilize reach and dagger range. The Meat-grinders (as Balboa and Garor are often called) cut down two in the first round.

As it turned out, the zombies split up (8 on Balboa), (8 on Zudravno), (6 on Garor), (0 on Combo), and (0 on the two hirelings). Bad strategy? Bad luck? The Meat-grinders avoid grapples and cut down a few. Meanwhile Zudravno is grappled by 8 and fails attempts at escape. Combo throws daggers from 10ft away with impunity. Hirelings disappear from existence. Long story short: Zudravno’s brains were eaten, he didn’t turn into one. Combo got grappled but easily escaped up into a nearby tree that magically appeared and continued throwing daggers while the Meat-grinders sliced and diced until there were no more threats. We burn up the bodies since they were twitching still. We carried Zudravno back to camp for a proper funeral. Im sure there was someone on the beach who could say a few words about Odin on his behalf.

Combo decided to use his share of the treasure to pay 10k gem to Dark Scimitar to level up 4 in thief. The rest of the gems and coin were banked with the company stash.

Plans to create a boat to leave the island were considered and then discarded. The plan is to find and secure the ocean born and go from there.

730AM to 1130AM, 4 hours, 1 action (encounter and return to camp).

A peace offering. Rouka. Imposters.

Session kicked off w/ 2 wks of downtime. Balboa nursed himself back to strength (the shadows drained it away) and Zudravno focused on his divine training, though continued acting as head engineer when able. Odelm Cuthberw agreed to train him up for a fraction of the cost (amount still TBD) in exchange for porting an offering of peace, in the form of a box of 400sp) to the Jade Flower tribe. Balboa agreed to assist in exchange for help murdering the innocent ogres and gnomes of Ronale’s Keep and Aldonjuanie came along as interpreter.

The Jade Flower tribe was most welcoming and appreciative of the peace offering. Bread was broken, and the services of a harry beast (the rouka) was obtained. From there, it was off to Ronale’s Keep. Turns out, the ogres and gnomes were not so innocent after all. Invidio was actually an evil beast in disguise and in the employ of the evil snake sorceress. Balboa and Zudravno succumbed to the pain, as did the Rouka eventually, leaving the dexterous illusionist to close the deal. He did just that. Disaster averted, the party accepted the gracious rewards heaped on them by the tower’s actual master, Ronale, who was found bound, gagged, and dehydrated in the tower’s peak.

Mantis-men. Translucent luminescence. The power of Odin denied.

Heeding the Ape-men warning and avoiding the mysterious village, the party continued north. Now and again, the snooping ass ape-men could be seen in the distance. They demanded to keep a close eye on the party. Next thing we knew, the we walked smack-dab into the middle of a thri-kreen hunting party. We tried to avoid conflict, but they would have none of it. Reaching in to his bag of tricks, Zudravno grabbed a fistful of sand and chanted some words of ancient arcane magic. Half the bug-men crumpled to sleep. A few sword slashes later and only two remained standing. They were soon dispatched, but not until after unleashing a flurry of claw/claw/claw/claw/bites. Wounded a whipped, the explorers retreated back to camp.

Dickshit applied the ministrations to those in need and the party was ready to roll once again. This time, Zudravno gave Ned the day off. Next thing they knew, their nostrils were assaulted by a heavy, pungle, anal pasting scent. The source of this scent…well…it escapes me at this moment. It must have been some manner of nameless, formless, faceless horror. But, as the memory of that moment has since been wiped from my mind, I cannot expound on this any further.

Then there was the mysterious luminescent, translucent structure that appeared quite ancient. And then there they were: more blasphemous undead. Gripping his symbol of Odin tight, Zudravno brandished it before him and called upon the power of Odin to cleans this blight. Instead, this accursed place provided an unholy sanctuary from even the mighty Odin. Balboa turned tail and ran; Zudravno followed soon after. No telling what evil suffuses that structure, but perhaps some places are best left unmolested.

What I can say is that the next goal will be to explore deeper into the depths of the island. More undead is known to haunt some of the depths far too near the camp. Perhaps it’s time to bring down Odin’s wrath upon their heads.

Lizardman traders. Wisdom of a sage. A training offer.
Session 5 - 12/12/2015 @ 7:30 AM

On the horizon was spotted a gaggle of half-men, half-lizards. A quick search turned up an Aldonwani who just so happens to speak the languages of the cold-bloods. He pow-wowed w/ the Head Lizard and into the camp they filed, goods in tow. A mystery crate was exchanged for some fresh foods and eschewed most of the other goods save one obsidian sword (which was claimed by the mighty Balboa). Finally, Tarnik exchanged some of his hard-earned for a few rumors:

• A sage lives in the nearby tower
• A beast only harmed by magic lairs in the Hound Cave.

With the Lizardmen gone, Tarnik managed to gather his party and venture forth. First order of business: the sage’s tower. We were greeted by the gnomish butler and his ogre servants and asked to wait our lives away in the study before being asked to instead return the following day to obtain an audience. On the way home, a poison spider nearly was the death of Tarnik & Mr. Homn. But they lived, and all was well. To town they returned to lick their wounds.

The following morning, they were off to see the wizard. This ‘sage’ seemed to be but a mechanical puppet, spewing forth words that may well have originated elsewhere. We agreed to bring back that which she sought (the sea-folk?). However, once out of that accursed place the party agreed it better to gather more info before blindly helping this oddity. Back to town they went.

Tarnik took a load off and the rest of the party helped build stuff for the next few days. Balboa took a tongue-lashing from the resident warrior trainer Madak, and after bathing in shame it was agreed that if he murders the sage he’ll get cheap training.

Come Florian Falling, and time to venture out once agian it was. This time, the hardy few were Balboa, Zudravno, and Ned. North they went; North! North! They encountered and parlayed with the ape men, who still followed in the distance long after the meeting. Then a camp was spotted. Who knows what evils lurk in the nearby camp; the apes said stay away, and stay away we did.

Session #4 adventure log

1st half participants:

Combo Von Gremp

2nd half participants:

Balboa the Ghost
Combo Von Gremp

First half:

Party walks to the Cave of the Hound. Explores, finds a passable ravine, turns back, finds some dead ends with 3 captives. Combo takes the ringx8, Zudravno carries the captives back to camp, Aldonwani observes.

Party moves back out for adventure while captives recover at base camp. Jungle between Worath’s Grotto and Cavern of Usoparb explored until a nest of ostridge-sized angry birds is uncovered. Battle sequence:
1. Aldon & Zudra retreat while Combo tries and fails to hide.
2. All birds engage combo, he fights back, Zudra also joins the melee, while Aldon peppers them with fake fireball.
3. Birds go one on one with Combo and Zudrav, while two birds gang up on the retreating fireballer. Fake Faeries x2 are dropped to distract them.
4. Combo and Zudrav make weak attempts to hold there own. Aldon tries to escape while faeries distract but one is eaten so he conjures “audible glamour” in the shape of roaring and charging horned ape beast. The bird is affected and runs away.
5. Combo and Zudrav still engaged in combat: by now there have been a series of fumbles and crits, Zudravno getting the worst of it (his elbow was bit in half and left dangling). Zudravno swithes it up and offhands a warhammer to continue the battle. Aldon runs back to help. One bird still distracted by a faery, one bird on COmbo and Zudravno.
6. Aldon acrobatically tumble back into camp to punch the bird on Combo nearly knocking it out; Combo missing; Zudravno finishes off his bird.
7. Distracted bird finally eats the faery and turns and charges Aldon. Aldonwani fires more fireballs while it closes distance.
8. Yadda Yadda Yadda, battle wraps up, party retreats to base camp.

2nd half of session:

After being fully healed and recovered from his wrist wound, Balboa literally leads the party back to the deserted Outpost of Moth to find it not deserted at all.
At entrance is a poisonous frog (leashed to a pole) that leaps out at us, it got dead real quick.
Shack#1: Yeti threatens to cook the party even though he had some arms cooking already. Dies to Balboa’s first two swings as he charges.
Shack#2: blood, scratches on wall, tons of copper and silver in the ceiling. we left it.
Shack#3: Yeti playing with an iron puzzle tries to fuck with group, Balboa cuts him down.
As we linger, Zarzopa makes an appearance along with us unlimited fog and darkness tricks and company of poisonous frogs. We reteated out of the outpost and threats were exchanged.
After the failure, we explored the Cav of Usoparb and found three elves that wanted to join our base camp. They said the cave had shrooms, lavamen, and rats so we left it alone and returned to the beach.

Castaways. The loss of an elbow. Excommunicated elves.
12/05/2015 @ 7:30 AM

Session Log

• A pyromaniac, loud bore, psycho recruits the assistance of Combo & Zudravno
• After debating a return to the undead grounds of evil, the PCs instead set off for the hound cave
• En route, Combo gets his panties in a wad and forces us right that very second to spend 15 minutes calculating his honor from last session. It was real important and couldn’t wait until later
• Entered Hound Cave. Three beat down castaways are found, looted by Combo, are rescued and then taken back to camp
• After a little more light exploring, Zudravno, sans one elbow from a fight with some angry birds, and Don Juan went to get the rest; enter Tarnik & Balboa
• Approach Zarzulpa’s evil Fortress of Moth; murder the innocent frog captive and watch Balboa make mincemeat of some Yetis, then get clouded out of town by Zarzulpa’s magics. Shout oaths into the darkness at the hated Zulp.
• Run into some elves (who are 40 miles south of home) in a nearby cave. Talked to them…then headed home.

New week, new survivors
11/28 @ 7:45 AM

The Great Beast Balboa was on the mend this week, allowing some other fresh faces the opportunity to investigate some nearby wilderness. This week, we met a Champion of Odin,Zudravno, as well as the brilliant illusionist What’s-His-Name (who is also a psychotic, pyromaniac loud mouthed asshole who lacks fingers and ears and who knows what else).

• First, there was the tower. It was inhabited by the annoyed gnome and his ogre life-mates. They didn’t appreciate the disregard exhibited by Zudravno when he crowbared the door open. Party tried to gain info; were instead scolded and put to work.

• Next, there was flayed living lizard man. Some quick thinking by the pyromaniac dicksucking loud bore with 1 less finger and 1 less ear was enough to scare off the bakers dozen +1 worth of man snakes. Lizard rescued, healed, and returned home. He warned to stay clear of the undead coasts and the nearby tomb.

• So naturally, the next stop was the tomb. However, the PCs decided a rest and refit was needed before proceeding into the cursed depths. Until next week…

Second Verse, Same as the First
11/20/2015 @ 7AM

Combo Von Gremp kept killing it this week, racking up his second MVP award in as many sessions (albeit runner-up this time). His bold moves and sterling prowess were on full display as he fearlessly led the party on some light jungle sorties.

First on his list of challenges overcome was the dreaded giant serpent. Astutely spotting the beast from afar (well, more just walking directly into it), Von Gremp displayed his dexterous prowess by slicing and dicing the fierce beast to ribbons and then fashioning some new threads from it’s hide. I’d be remiss to not mention that Balboa also lifted a finger in assistance. Tarnik-Ilyasak chipped in with 1 pt of damage.

Next, the party stumbled upon a grotto that was actually a cave. Dismissing alternative suggestions, the fearless Von Gremp stealthily lead lead the fledgling adventurers deep into the sulfurous natural cavern that was home to hideous bat-beasts. It just took look at this foul beasts to send Balboa running for his life. Always the braver, Combo exercised the better part of valor and reluctantly followed suit. Tarnik was spared their evil visage when they early on, thoughtfully, extinguished his ability to see them.

From there, Combo gathered the party and calmed them all down. “We must push on”, I recall him saying. “The rest are counting on us.” The next area of interest was a grotto; an actual grotto this time. Within was a cat. Oh, and also treasures beyond count. Keeping his keen rogue eyes on alert, Combo would not be taken by surprise when the inhabitant of said cave come back from its hunt. Once again displaying his combat prowess, and with a little help from Balboa, Combo vanquished the foe before much damage could be done to those in his charge. And then the cat wandered off without fanfare.

Oh, as an aside, Balboa killed a weak-ass horned beast.

Somewhere amidst all of the above action were the frog men. In this battle, Combo was able to display his selfless devotion to his compatriots by literally throwing himself on the bio-grenade to save others of the impending explosion of bones and gore. This was only after the cowardly mage ran for his life rather than stand and fight the aggressors. Luckily, with some help from Balboa, Combo Von Gremp smote their ruin upon the ground.

Though Combo was barely scratched and eager to move on, he saw that weariness was building in his tag-alongs. He stifled his urge for more glory and bravely led his beleaguered companions back to camp for a brief respite (en route, ushering everyone past the watchful eye of the hill people). Marshaling the services of the entire camp, Combo got everyone’s ass in gear. Efforts were doubled on the main shelter and the resident cleric was spurred into action.

His administrative duties behind him, Von Gremp once again offered to show the ropes of exploration and survival to anyone willing to learn. Balboa and Tarnik again seized the opportunity. This time, it was the plumed-helm sigiled snake men who wanted some. Once more, the wizard was face to face with darkness, leaving Combo with only Balboa as support. Suffering a grievous would, Balboa lost consciousness. Von Gremp had things under control, but the pesky Tarnik wanted to help one time so he summoned up some stank ogres who did a little bit.

Foes vanquished, the party triumphantly returned to ‘town’ to rest, refit, and reflect. “Next time”, Von Gremp told himself. “Next time…they’ll be ready.”

Lost Island Week 2
Ghost Inter Mono-Log#1

Two days post shipwreck (2d PS):

I found a frail old man and his man servant in the serving line (good thing the master chef survived the madness, cause I sure was hungry). The old bag of bones seemed interested in looking around the island and told me I had the physique of a greek god – whatever that means. I think he’s gay. That scumbag elf returned from his trip north without the two dwarves. He was the one who called for the mutiny and crashed us on this island. I don’t trust him and he’s a dick, but no one else seems to want to adventure out from the wreckage, at least not with me. So the elf and his two human lackeys, the old man and his lurch, and me (the greatest swordsman who has ever lived) take to the jungle. A giant snake leas out from the mountain-side and I chop it down (made for good eating, and the elf used the skin as leather). We found a cave, it had some batties, we left (fuck those spell slinging claw/claw/biters). Might go back there one day, cave system wasn’t small, might be more interesting shit there. Later we came across a flayed lizardman strapped to a tree with barbed wire. I made use of my burial skills. Soon after and just a bit north, a seven foot tall horned ape charged me, I laid it to rest. I skinned it and slaughtered it. During the slaughter and the cookings, large snake passed us by, then some exploding frogs made a mess of camp. We decided it was time to pick up the pieces (and unconscious elf) and go back to base camp on the beach. On the way back, we saw a pack of twenty or so slow shambling humanoids. We dodged and moved on. The beach-society appreciated the meats brought back and I had armorer Fred repair my hide armor with pieces of grape-ape. We all kinda needed a rest so we laid up a few days while a shelter was being constructed. At the end of the week, I was antsy in my pantsy to get back out there.

7d PS:

Turns out there was a camp of “watchers” near the beach – still don’t know who or what was lurking about over there. Not far north into the jungle, we came across a grotto with an iron vein (don’t let me forget to mention this to any potential miners in the beach society’s ranks). The cutest little cat was in there…I wonder where it ran off to….Oh well, that place ended up being a two headed wyvern’s lair. Big money baby! We left like 8k silver and a bunch of armor in there. Carrying all the gold back, we encountered weird snake people. Those motherfuckers cut me down. Luckily as I fell unconscious, I saw 4 ogres magically appeared out of nowhere. Later I heard they were summoned by the old frail man, apparently he is a magic-user? Full of suprises that one, I thought he was just hanging around to praise my sword-fighting skills. Good thing for it though, because now I probably owe some sort of life-debt. My coffers are full (1,051 gp), but my spirit is low. My fucking left wrist is black and blue and hurts like a motherfucker. Luckily I’m a badass motherfucker, in conjunction with having some clerics on call and my natural regeneration (20 con now), I’ll be back in fighting shape in no time at all. My first instinct is to put the highest level cleric on retainer with my gold to actually come out of camp and adventure with us (running back to camp everytime someone gets injured is no way to adventure). I have shiny new iron-banded mail being re-fitted to my studly measurements (5’8" – 180lbs – 19str, almost 17 dex, 20 con), ya I feel stronger now that im more experienced in my craft of slaying. As for my adventuring company, they have potential so will remain completely loyal to the cause until convinced otherwise. I tell you one thing, that elf better stop sticking me with blades and find a better strat during combats. If only he could lay low and strike from the shadows with massive backstabs instead.

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